About Us

We at Absolutely Cool Services have been in the Air Conditioning business for over 23 years.

Prior to opening Absolutely Cool Services, I was a technician and an installer for 17 years in the field. I have worked for the largest residential and commercial companies in the industry.

I have done everything in this industry from diagnosing, preventative maintenance, major parts changing, and installation of new equipment. Commercial or Residential, I have seen it all.

Our Business Model

Of the many things that I have learned in the field, I have incorporated some of them into my personal business model.  Here are a couple:

1.  Every air conditioner can be repaired:

Often times in this industry, technicians are too quick to condemn a unit without giving a customer a reasonable option to repair it. While in some cases repairing an old air conditioner may not make sense, there are plenty of instances where a fairly simple repair can buy extra life on an older air conditioner. Every customer deserves honesty from the company they choose for service, and should be given every option there is when it comes to repairing and or replacing their existing air conditioner.

2.  Quality not Quantity:

Customers deserve a quality technician every time they need service. Sadly some of the largest companies in this industry hire anyone who will walk through their door. Unfortunately they would rather send an underqualified technician, then turn away your business. These companies basically just hope the underqualified tech figures it out, and if not they can send a more qualified tech the next visit. This is something that would never happen at Absolutely Cool Services, the quality of our work will always be the best in the industry. My technicians are all certified, experienced in the field, and have excellent customer service skills. I personally inspect (occasionally I even do them myself) every new installation we do at Absolutely Cool Services to ensure our customers are getting the excellent workmanship they deserve.

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3.  Treat every customer like they are your only customer:

Customers just want to know that someone cares and values their business. Our promise to our customers is to keep them Absolutely Cool, it’s just that simple. That promise includes always being polite whether it be on the phone or in person, being attentive, responsive, and understanding. We make every effort to reach our customers as soon as humanly possible, no matter how big or small the problem may be. I also am extremely accessible for the customers who just want to talk to the boss, you can call or text me anytime on my personal cell phone number listed on the home page. My goal is and always has been to make every customer a raving fan of our company, and to never consider calling another air conditioning company ever again.